Viewpoint: Artist Statement

Harmony is valuable in life. It is warm and genteel yet complicated to create. Harmony requires great efforts and sensitivities. Each individual is respected and welcomed in the harmony they create. I like to approach my work with the same understanding I have for the word, harmony. Collage allows different images and media match together – creating harmony.

Viewpoint is one of the main factor that creates the quality harmony. It employs sensitivities to help individuals to recognize each other in a community. Each individual connects to others through their mutual viewpoint. Each image and the landscape speak to each other and create the harmony in my collage. Harmony allows us to be free from the fragility of our life, and encourages us to move forward onto our dreams and ambitions.


Yoona Lim
Art Therapist, Artist, Columnist


2009 MA in Art Therapy
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Chicago, IL
2007 BA in Developmental Psychology
Seoul Women’s University, Seoul, S.Korea


2010 Art Therapist
Counseling Center of Lakeview, Chicago, IL
2008-2009 Art Therapist/Counselor
Christopher House, Chicago, IL
2008 Art Therapist/Psychotherapist
Lincoln Park Hospital, Chicago, IL


Flower, Nature, and Landscape Show, Chicago, IL
Forgettable Fauna, Chicago IL
Happy Anniversary Solo, Chicago, IL
Curious Creatures, Chicago, IL

BEHIV Art Therapy Show, Chicago, IL
Art of Connection, Chicago, IL
SAIC Spring Art Sale, Chicago, IL

USA Nippon Steel Juried Show, Chicago, IL

Anti-Woo Woo Art Therapy Show, Chicago, IL


Contemporary Sumi Painting, Chicago, IL
Culture and Identity of Art Therapist
Chicago, IL


Creative connection:
the impact of the therapist’s identity on art therapy practice and program development
Chicago, IL


Healing Power of Art, Sociology, The Korea Times


Biweekly: Mental Health and Art Therapy
The Korea Times


Nomination’s Chair
Illinois Art Therapy Association (IATA)

Professional Member
American Art Therapy Association (AATA)

Exhibition Commitee
International Art Group in Cooperation with the Edgewater Community Council


One Response to “Viewpoint: Artist Statement”

  1. I love your works. You definitely know how to create harmony in your collages.

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